Domestic Construction Business

Trusted as experts in civil and architectural engineering
as a result of our reputation with satisfied clients.

Tsuchiya Corporation has worked on a wide range of projects, including civil and architectural engineering, using the technologies and know-how that we have acquired through our experience and achievements since our establishment. As a company that specializes in technical consultation, Tsuchiya is dedicated to providing integrated services that cover all phases of work, from design and planning through construction. We continue to enhance our civil and architectural engineering and capabilities in order to maintain our expertise and meet our client expectations.

Creating new value
through technology and trust

Tsuchiya Corporation has worked to use its efficient technologies to gain the trust of its clients since its establishment. Throughout its long history, the company has been working on a wide variety of projects, including civil and architectural engineering works, with a view to developing a general construction business designed to maintain harmony with the natural environment. As a group of civil and architectural engineering experts, we are stepping up our efforts to meet our clients varied needs and remain firm in our commitment to contribute to the welfare of people and society.

Civil engineering work

Tsuchiya Corporation is a group of multi-talented individual capable of performing diverse tasks. We contribute to community development through the construction of bridges, tunnels, and roads as well as the rehabilitation of rivers in addition to water supply and sewage systems.

Architectural engineering work

Tsuchiya's staff members, who have won the trust of the public with their strong sense of responsibility and honesty, offer expert support in the form of professional advice and quick responses. We provide best practices that meet diversified client needs throughout all phases of construction, from design and construction through renovation work, including a seismic reinforcing work. Our work includes medical and welfare facilities, educational and cultural facilities, condominiums, commercial facilities, and factories.

Sannen Nanshin Inasa JunctionSannen Nanshin Inasa Junction

Kamigahora TunnelKamigahora Tunnel

Geriatric Health Service Facility TachibanaenGeriatric Health Service Facility Tachibanaen

Toba Marine terminalToba Marine terminal