Overseas Business

Our staff provides comprehensive support not only in Japan but also at
overseas construction sites to companies working to gain access to global markets

We offer total support services for international companies ,including Japanese companies to help them easily build facilities overseas. Tsuchiya's staff members stationed overseas strive their utmost to support all required construction operations, including management of construction costs, product quality and manufacturing processes, so as to ease the burden on our clients. We endeavor to improve our client satisfaction by building facilities of the high quality.

Working together with clients worldwide

As it has become increasingly difficult to manufacture products in Japan, the number of Japanese companies relocating their factories overseas has been rising year by year. Tsuchiya offers "Turn-key services" to support such Japanese companies and to ease the burden operations in overseas countries with different cultures.
Besides building facilities, we provide services for performing all operations required to start production and deliver our products as a turnkey solution. Through such total support services, to meet international standard, we offer security to win the trust of our clients.

Total support services overseas

Tsuchiya Corporation provides total support sevices to mainly Japanese companies that are starting businesses overseas to help them easily build facilities. Working together with local subsidiary partners selected by our company, our staff members stationed overseas offer full support in order to maintain the same level of services available as their request when they are building facilities in Japan. Through such support services, which include local market surveys required to establish companies, cost estimates and adjustments, contract support, and quality and work progress management, we work to raise our clients' level of satisfaction.

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